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Atari STe upscalers’ fixes (1)


For some reason i got my never-used (from years ago) cheap GBS-8820 v3.0 out of its box the other day and found a way to make it work with my usual non-stable (rolling & black screen) signal from the Atari STe (Viva el horizontal 15hz frequency). Once tuned it looked quite nice! I was surprised. I just had read these devices don’t have a really good quality but… It was quite sharp once tuned. The graphics had a sort of arcade” ish look to them. I didn’t push/try further on this topic, my shortcut’ to make it work must not be very safe (who wants to fry an Atari STe?) from what i read later and i’d need to look into it further… I’m not sure but i’ll see.

(More after the pics)

A few pics of the STe displayed on a standard HD monitor through VGA with the GBS-8820 v3.0:



i bought this cheap HD Video Converter”/upscaler in 2014, i now found that some users having the same non-stable signal problem have a fix.


I tested it and indeed it works quite well. The trick is to force the RGB mode so that this converter doesn’t switch back & forth between RBG and… Composite i guess?

One little soldering for now.


And a little modification of one RBG SCART/péritel to not fry anything.


I’ll need to add a switch to disable the forced RGB mode if i want to use the device with some other machines. (I thought of adding some sort of -external- jumper tonight for some reason and i was looking for something nice i could use… And this how i wasted too many hours again for nothing this night.)

Although i was disappointed, i ended up not having a super great picture quality as some claimed it had… For me the GBS was more sharp/clear and this one less defined.

YMMV i guess, differences between the several versions’ / copies of this converter/upscaler and all the different ST/STFM/STe models. PAL/etc & RF & composite & RGB &… Plus old PSUs and components?





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