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Fragments of

Take some pics of birds, wander in the woods, steal some VHS tapes, listen to night talk radio on long stretches of road.
A fragmented story inspired by Blendo Games / Thirty Flights of Loving cinematographic montage approach, a Lynchian video game experience with hints of Silent Hill & Cronenberg mishmashed (body) parts

it’s quite unnerving by the end of it.


The GFX/aesthetic falls into that specific uncanny PS1 era of video games and when full voice acting wasn’t completely possible, when the voices are almost abstract unreal/unhuman (alien) gibberish(ish) only vaguely reminiscent of actual human voices. Originally imposed by the retrisctions of the platforms here a similar approach is used. Works perfectly to contribute to the atmosphere.
The really cool in-game music fits it perfectly.

For windows & Mac, i believe a Linux version is expected.

Paratopic on Itch.io

RPS on Paratonic.


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