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Old Kindle (2010?), old Jailbreaks, old hacks (2012), same old.


Old Kindle (K3W), old jailbreak (2010?). I updated the jailbreak & usbnetwork/etc + installed a bunch of newer stuff & a terminal. The Kindle is logged into the Pi by USB. (Some scripts/etc to make things easier.)

I powered the Pi with a powerbank for testing.
Funny thing (that is also annoying), the PiZeroW gets powered by the Kindle itself when plugged by its USB/OTG which i use for the USB network/connection. Another funny/annoying thing, the powerbank which powers the Pi0W also powers/charges the Kindle through the Pi Zero.

Anyway, it’s not terrific in this state, it was only a test. I believe this Kindle model has a 500mah battery, i only have a rough idea how long its battery would last while also powering the Pi.
(That wasn’t the objective.)

I could add LiPo Hat/pHat to the Zero…

But then: cables etc. It was a little silly as by this point i guess it would be simply easier/better to have the Pi with whatever battery (lipo or little powerbank) in its own little case with no cables. Just adding a second WIFI interface. Which would require to add a dongle to the Pi0W. And meh?

Connect the Kindle to the Pi WLAN in AccessPoint, no ugly cables that would need to be shorter etc (i’m not buying MORE CABLES). Could just have the little case/Pi box anywhere (bag/etc), and the other WLAN interface is available to connect to a home network/share the connection/etc. (if i didn’t miss anything with all the Kindle JB stuff, which i’m totally not sure because [skip])

I guess without a second WLAN interface, the Pi could as well still be tethered to (in my use/case) a 4G phone, maybe over Bluetooth instead of USB? Not sure, tethering it via USB or connecting to a Phone WIFI AP is not problem but i don’t know anything about BT as i generally don’t use it, i haven’t looked into that.

Now i will probabaly (might) test the same thing with a CHIP (it’s tinier), it has everything needed ready to use a LiPo battery directly (and a nice audio jack output btw), it can be used as 2xWLAN interfaces — Not exactly sure tho in this case of one being AP & the other connected to another network/WIFI. Worst case scenario, using it with a WIFI USB dongle is way more handy & way less ugly than with a Pi0W having only the OTG microUSB besides the PWR microUSB and… Have you seen of that look? It also needs to be a case.
(Yes, the NTC CHIP, such a shame…)

I joked the keyboard is still better than on a PocketCHIP and maybe it’s not 100% true — i mean, i’s not worse but is it really better? Oh and the layout is odd of course for all the other KEYS you could need. At least the keyboard works in this setup, so it’s there. Can be used. Nice.

Thing is, my goal is more to have a general reader” device than using it as PC (linux machine/Pi0/etc) with an eInk display. See, i want the eInk display, the Pi0 (or another tiny SBC) is only there so it would be *a less limited eInk reader/display as i’m not thinking specifically about EPUBs (or AMZNs own proprietary format).

I always liked the eInk technology but the only affordable diplays (slow and without partial refresh) nowadays are still way behind a 2010 eInk Kindle. (AMZN and the others prefer to keep the good display to themselves, i’ve been told.)

So, while this could be used for whatever you could do on a Pi, i just/mostly want a device that fits more my needs when it come to reading stuff and not having to get stupid overly bright lights beamed into my eyes.

I also generally prefer devices that are dedicated to a single purpose. The ones that do only one thing but they do that well. (Could seem a little paradoxical in this case, i know.) Hence why i prefer listening to music on my Portable Music Player, 1/ i don’t need to deal with a ton of annoying stuff to transfer music or stupid apps, 2/ while at the same time using a device ONLY to listen to music, not using a device to listen to music WHILE i read my emails WHILE i check out the weather and so on.

(I also don’t want to install any of your APPS.)

Be it an old Kindle w/ kb, or a more recent one with a seperate keyboard, it could still be useful in these cases when maybe you need to ssh into something/whatever else very quickly, as all the kindles wakes from sleep without hassle, last long in a sleep state/etc, not heavier than a little paperback book.

Anyway, the Kindle+Pi hacks’ are as old as the first RPi model (2012) but i still find this interesting, i’ve been waiting for YEARS for more interesting eInk/devices/display etc (and not much arrived). Will see with a CHIP and so on.

(Oh and it’s stil near damn impossible to use a laptop/tablet outside, especially if there’s a bit of sun. And goddamn the sun…)


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