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August 2020  1 post

i should have been sleeping but i was aimlessly drawing instead

July 2020  3 posts

Lovecratian vegetation (or Something-Something-Jeff Vandermeer's Annihilation)  路  Bamboos i missed 1  路  birds

June 2020  1 post


May 2020  5 posts

13may  路  08a  路  09A  路  Sweet water  路  Mars ou avril (ann茅e ind茅termin茅e)

April 2020  1 post

F茅vrier (2020)

March 2020  7 posts

2020-03-31 Ratures [edited/updated]  路  2020-03-27B  路  2020-03-27A  路  retrouv茅 au milieu de notes  路  One day in February  路  14C  路  14B

February 2020  7 posts

oct - mutating flowers - a previous iteration  路  31dec  路  28dec - grr.jpg  路  oct:nov ; intentions  路  nov:rain  路  Silly doodles  路  Octobre

January 2020  2 posts

Septembre 20h23 looking back - old paths 1%

October 2019  3 posts

5min@5am sketch  路  weird flowers, it茅ration  路  Untitled

September 2019  3 posts

Heavypaint app first test  路  moving parts  路  a not very interesting doodle

August 2019  5 posts

Cage of Bones by Son Lux  路  Si j'avais 4 dromadaires, Chris Marker, 1966  路  highlights (A6 printout)  路  BlindContour1drawnWithClosedEyes  路  BlindContour1-color2

July 2019  2 posts

walk your data  路  Untitled

June 2019  6 posts

h1  路  b  路  12a  路  IMG  路  IMG  路  SquareEyes-D茅tour

May 2019  2 posts

Bong Joon-Ho, Parasite  路  IMG

March 2019  1 post


February 2019  3 posts

IMG  路  days  路  #TheUnknown

January 2019  1 post


November 2018  6 posts

Maniac1  路  music/sound/noise  路  wild palms  路  digitaltarkovsky  路  toomuchworld  路  apple hidden junk files

October 2018  1 post

Paranoia Agent

September 2018  1 post


August 2018  2 posts

untitled  路  This place

July 2018  7 posts

paratopic  路  ntc chip backups/archives/documentation  路  K3WPi0W  路  flowers  路  old doodle  路  Playlist/mixtape  路  accidents in photocopying

June 2018  5 posts

Die Gstettensaga - The Rise of Echsenfriedl  路  pov2  路  pov  路  old injuries  路  鈥淕rowing up in London, I assigned and understood the city in relation to each tube station.

May 2018  5 posts

it鈥檚 grim  路  changelings  路  wandering-island/l鈥櫭甽e errante vol2  路  best optimization  路  adaf-singularitynow

April 2018  2 posts

ibn  路  Fragments of

March 2018  5 posts

鈥淚 don鈥檛 think we鈥檙e ever going to get to utopia again by going forward, but only roundabout or sideways; because we鈥檙e in a rational dilemma, an either/or situation as perceived by the binary computer mentality, and neither the either nor the or is a place where people can live.  路  Beyond The Filter ep09  路  Reminder.  路  A Dys-Praxic Sketchbook  路  ZX bugs

February 2018  6 posts

unbusiness cards  路  inky  路  etc  路  Data & Society - Databite #102  路  bluegreendirtwatermud  路  random haiku generator

January 2018  2 posts

twitter to RSS webservice Angel of Nanjing

December 2017  2 posts

Some december Hong-Kong Trilogy by Christopher Doyle